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P-II, B-I:Documents and relevant Notifications


VGF disbursed by SECI under JNNSM Ph-II, B-I as on 31.12.2015

Amendment in VGF 750MW Guidelines for grid solar projects-Revision of scheduled commissioning date

JNNSM Phase-II, Batch-I: List of projects commissioned as on 28.10.2015

Amendment in the guidelines - financial closure

JNNSM Phase-II, Batch-I: Stakeholders' feedback/views

Notification regarding selected Projects of 750 MW grid connected solar PV Projects under JNNSM Ph-II, B-I. 

Notification regarding Financial Bid opening & List of Bidders found eligible for Financial Bid opening. 

Notification regarding change in email id for official communication to the bidders

Snapshot of Bid opening of 750 MW Solar PV Projects under JNNSM Phase-II, Batch-I, held on 20th Jan, 2014 

Notification for Bid Opening

Stakeholders' Meeting scheduled on 2nd January, 2014

Cabinet approves for setting up of 750 MW Grid connected Solar PV Projects through Viability Gap Funding


TENDER DOCUMENTS (Including Amendments and Clarifications)

Amendment in the Guidelines issued by mNRE dated 6th Feb, 2015 regarding equity infusion

Revised draft of Power Sale Agreement- for signing with Buying Utilities (dated 23rd July, 2014)

Revision-02 of Summary Data Sheet (FORMAT 6.9) of the RfS Document dated 15th Jan, 2014 (superseding the versions issued on 11th and 13th Jan,2014.) Revision carried out due to some data filling errors. 

Revised Summary Data Sheet (FORMAT 6.9) of the RfS Document dated 13th Jan, 2014 ( this supersedes the version issued on 11th Jan, 2014)

Summary Data Sheet- FORMAT 6.9 of the RfS Document (dated 11th January, 2014)  (PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION SHEET IN THE FILE BEFORE FILLING)

MS-WORD File of the Amended Formats of the RfS Document   (This version supersedes the versions released earlier dated 28th Oct,2013 & 29th Nov, 2013)

Amendments-02 to the RfS document (dated 09th January, 2014)

Revised VGF Securitization Agreement (dated 08th January, 2014)

Revised Power Purchase Agreement (dated 08th January, 2014)

Initial draft version of Power Sale Agreement- for consultation purposes only (dated 08th January, 2014)

Second set of clarifications issued for RfS/PPA/VGF securitization Agreement documents (dated 01st Jan, 2014)

1st set of Clarifications to the queries pertaining to the RfS and other documents  (dated 30th Nov, 2013)

1st set of Amendments to the RfS Document and Revised Standard PPA Document (dated 29th Nov, 2013)

Standard Power Purchase Agreement (Dated 13th November, 2013)

Viability Gap Funding Securitization Agreement  (Dated 13th November, 2013)

For the convenience of potential Bidders, the Formats to be submitted in the response to RfS are hereby provided in Word format. Please click here to download the Word file.

JNNSM Phase-II: Batch-I:Request for Selection (RfS) Document for 750 MW Grid Connected Solar PV Projects, dated 28.10.2013 

(Updated as on 8th July, 2015)